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From 21 to 23 July

Mariano Lozano, flamenco purity

Don't miss the opportunity to see one of the best flamenco shows in the world.

Mariano was born in Seville in 1988 into a gypsy family. He belongs to the Amaya dynasty and his family is composed of great flamenco musicians such as Mari Vizarraga, Arturo de Quilate, “El Bobote”, and “La Tana” among others. He began his professional career with Winy Amaya, Carmen Amaya’s niece, and finished his studies at the prestigious Amor de Dios school in Madrid with masters such as Cristóbal Reyes, José Maya, Manuel Reyes and Alfonso Losa, among others.

She has created her own show “Mi Sentir”, a project that has been very well received by the public, with which she toured different cities in Mexico. She has participated in the play “Carmen” with the Flamenco Ballet Company of Madrid as the main soloist in an extensive tour of China.

He has starred in the Champion 2019 commercial, while teaching flamenco classes in countries such as Germany, Morocco, France and Turkey among others.

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