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Known as "The captain", he is one of the most prestigious figures in flamenco dancing.

Farruquito, whose real name is Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya, is a renowned flamenco dancer born on August 15, 1982 in Seville, Spain. He comes from one of the most prestigious families in the world of flamenco, the Farruco family, and is the son of the celebrated dancer “El Farruco” and grandson of the legendary dancer “Farruco”.


From an early age, Farruquito showed great talent and a deep connection to flamenco.

He made his international debut at the age of five on Broadway with the show “Flamenco Puro” and at the age of eight he had his first season presenting his own show at the Sala Zambra in Madrid. The following year he participated in the presentation of the Paralympic Games and the 1992 Expo in Seville. At the age of 11 he participated in the music video “CAMARON NUESTRO” and in the film “FLAMENCO” by Carlos Saura, with his grandfather “El Farruco”.

After the death of his grandfather in 1997, Farruquito took on the challenge of continuing the family tradition. At the age of 15, he created his own show called “RAÍCES FLAMENCAS”, where he combined tradition with his own artistic vision.

Since then, Farruquito has taken his art to renowned stages around the world. He has performed at the Royal Festival Hall in London, at the Teatro de la Villa and Conde Duque in Madrid, at the Teatro Poliorama in Barcelona, as well as on international tours in France and Japan.


As an artist he has received numerous awards throughout his career.

In 2004, he was awarded the Público award for best bailaor, the Flamenco Hoy award for best bailaor, the Telón Chivas04 award for best dance performer, and the prestigious APDE 2004 award for worthy custodian of the heritage of gypsy dance.

In addition to his career as a dancer, Farruquito also runs an academy in Seville, where the precepts of the Farruco school are transmitted. He has presented shows such as “PURO-Farruquito” and “SONERIAS” at important flamenco festivals, and has collaborated in special events, such as Louis Vuitton’s “Mirror of Passion” show.

His style is characterized by his strength, passion and technical virtuosity, which he demonstrates in each of his steps and movements.

Farruquito continues to explore new artistic expressions and share his passion for flamenco on stages around the world, leaving a deep mark and perpetuating his family’s tradition in the art of gypsy dance.

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