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“El Yiyo”


Miguel Fernández Rivas, better known as “El Yiyo” was born in Barcelona in 1996, in the town of San Roque. When he was only seven years old he started his career as a dancer, making his first tour in Taiwan as headliner of the show “Flamenco puro” for 1500 people. He obtained extensive training in classical and contemporary dance, allowing him to expand his resources and talents.

At the age of 18 he was headliner in more than 20 national and international festivals, especially with his show “El Yiyo: Sueño Flamenco”, with which he has performed in emblematic halls of Barcelona. He has shared stage and bill with great figures of current flamenco of the stature of Mayte Martín, Duquende, Estrella Morente, Chicuela, “La Argentina”, “El Capullo de Jerez”, Juan Ramón Caro, “Pitingo”, Miguel Poveda, “Farruquito”, Juan de Juan, Eva la Yerbabuena, “Duquende”, Guadiana, Montse Cortés or Pedro “El Granaíno”, among others.

He has recently been the protagonist of the video clip of “Pa que brille” by the singer C. Tangana and has captivated the fashion world in different collaborations. Together with his brothers, “El Tete” and “El Chino”, they form the plays “El Yiyo & su Troupe” and “Júbilo”, plays that highlight the family jamboree without leaving aside their own personal styles. He has a magnetism on stage that has captivated critics and audiences to the point of becoming the new star of flamenco dancing.

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The new star of flamenco “El Yiyo”

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