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Ana Latorre


Ana Latorre is an outstanding flamenco dancer who has participated in numerous shows since 2011. She began her career as a tribute to teachers Araleo and Maica Moyano in the show “Pa’ ti y pa’ tu prima”. In 2012, she graduated from the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Córdoba Luis del Río and was part of the shows “Esto no es” of the company Inestable Danza and “Salón de baile” of the Joven Compañía Nosolodanza.

Later, she joined different companies, such as Estévez y Paños, where he participated in the premiere of the show “La consagración” at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville for the Bienal de Flamenco. She also worked with Antonio Márquez in the show “Siempre Antonio” and performed in “Duende”, directed by Manuel Liñán and La Moneta, performed in the gardens of the Generalife as part of the Lorca and Granada cycle.

In 2014, she joined the Ballet Flamenco del Cante de las Minas to participate in “Alma minera” with choreographies by renowned artists. During that year, she also traveled to Japan and shared the stage with outstanding artists such as Chicuelo and David Lagos.

In 2015, she stood out as a solo dancer in a tribute to Paco Cepero at the Festival de Jerez. A year later, she worked again with Shoji Kojima’s company in the show “A ese chino no le canto”. In 2018, she collaborated as a dancer and repeater in the creation of “Flamenconautas” for the International Company, with choreography by Javier Latorre. The following year, she presented her own show called “Leiva yo a contar…”, which had its preview at the Teatro Góngora in Córdoba and premiered at the XXIII Festival de Jerez.

She has also collaborated with Rubén Olmo’s company in the show “La muerte de un minotauro” for the opening of the Festival de Itálica and has worked with guitarist David Carmona in the presentation of his album “Un sueño de locura” at the International Guitar Festival in Brno (Czech Republic).

In February 2020, Ana Latorre returned to the Festival de Jerez with Javier Latorre and Shoji Kojima in the show “Lorca x Bach”, where she stood out both as dancer and choreographer of one of the pieces.

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