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Ingueta Rubio

Ingueta Rubio


Born in Madrid in 1977, son of Miguel “El Rubio”, cult cantaor, and nephew of the splendid guitarist Camarón de Pitita. At the age of nine, Ingueta took his first artistic steps, singing and playing for the dance at Café de Chinitas. At a very young age he mastered the guitar very well, and accompanied singers like his father or Indio Gitano. He has shared the stage with the greatest figures of flamenco such as Farruquito, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, El Güito, Sara Baras, Jerónimo Maya, Antonio Canales or José Maya, which led him to show off his art in France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United States, Brazil, Canada or Venezuela.

As nobody disputes the rank of fundamental source for fandangos and bulerías of his grandfather Antonio “El Rubio”, nobody disputes that Ingueta “El Rubio”, besides being a flamenco singer, guitarist, violinist and singer-songwriter, is one of the main rising values of the cante of our days. 
It is not surprising that Paco de Lucia wanted to enroll him in his sextet, an invitation that due to artistic commitments already contracted prevented him from accepting, nor the expectation aroused by the recitals of this artist of feeling and roots, as it is not, as soon as the bulls charge him, the conclusion of the same in resounding triumph.

As a solo cantaor, a facet in which he is distinguished by the uniqueness and the risky bet of accompanying himself on guitar, thanks to his mastery of that instrument since childhood he opened in 2013 and 2015 the Madrid cycle Suma Flamenca and has offered recitals in Seville, the Bienal de Málaga, Zaragoza, the Teatro Gayarre de Pamplona.
He has won the Contest of the Festival Flamencos y Mestizos de la Ciudad de Úbeda, with success alongside Paco Ortega, with whom he will record his first album.

Ingueta Rubio
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