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Cynthia Cano


Cynthia Cano was born in Murcia in 1993, beginning her journey through the world of dance and flamenco with just two years of age by the hand of her first teacher Maria Dolores Ros. Subsequently, she graduates from the Professional Dance Conservatory of Murcia in 2011 with Honors in Flamenco and in 2018 in Journalism from the University of UDIMA.

She continues her training in flamenco dance with teachers of the stature of El Güito, Merche Esmeralda, La Tati, Antonio El Pipa. She received a scholarship from the Cristina Heeren Foundation, having as teachers Milagros Mengíbar, Carmen Ledesma, Rafael Campallo and others. She continues her learning with the most current generation of professionals and teachers such as; Alfonso Losa, María Juncal, Manuel Reyes, Concha Jareño, Gala Vivancos, Mónica Fernández, Pol Vaquero, Ana Morales, El Oruco, and many more.


She has been a member of the Ballet Flamenco Lo Ferro since 2009 and in 2016 she became assistant director of the same.

Since 2012 she has been working with the prestigious French multimedia artist Valerie Ruíz in different performances collected in Emotion A Live, delving into new scenic languages. In 2014 she is invited by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the ESPOL of Guayaquil and Quito, to give a series of Workshops. In the same year, at the University of Murcia she participates in the Flamenco Cycle with the journalist and flamenco critic Antonio Parra.

In 2016 she is invited to participate in the II Gala de Bailarines Murcianos where she gives a good account of the wide repertoire of styles that she handles with solvency. In 2018 she is invited by the City Council of Utrera to participate in the Women’s Day in the conference of Women in Flamenco as a dancer and journalist.


In her extensive career, with just 12 years old she had the privilege of dancing with Eduardo Serrano El Güito, along with the components of his company Rafael Peral, Miguel Tellez and Jesus Carmona.

Since 2012 she has been a student of Javier Latorre and on several occasions has served as assistant teacher of the master in courses taught at the Festival de Jerez, in ADAE danza and others.

In 2019 she has been part of Joaquín Grilo’s Company traveling to the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival and the Brussels Flamenco Festival with the show La Calle de mis Sueños, premiered at the Jerez Festival 2019, being her partenaire in the number tribute to Fred Astaire.

On the other hand, already in the soloist section, she has toured countries with her own shows presented at the Gran Teatro de La Habana-Cuba, in different cities of Mexico DF. Other countries that have applauded his art have been Chile, Colombia, Tangier, Panama, Ecuador, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.

In Spain, he has worked in the tablaos Casa Patas, El Corral de la Morería and VillaRosa in Madrid; in Barcelona, in the tablao El Cordobés and in the tablao del Carmen; in Seville, in the tablao Los Gallos, in the Casa del Flamenco and in the peña Torres Macarena. Also, in the Peña la Platería in Granada, in the Veranos del Corral del Carbón in Granada and in La Posada del Potro in Córdoba.

In festivals such as; Festival Ámonos pal Flamenco de Úbeda; Festival Morales del Vino, tribute to the prestigious flamencologist José de la Vega; Festival de Cante Flamenco de San Pedro del Pinatar; Feria Mundial del Flamenco de Sevilla; XI Jornadas Flamencas en el LAVA de Valladolid; Instituto Cervantes de Tánger; Festival Flamenco de Gorbio in France with Nino de Los Reyes; Cumbre Flamenca de Murcia; Festival Flamenco de Bayona – France; Festival Internacional de Cante de Lo Ferro, both solo and in the show “¡AY!

AY! flamenco with the collaboration of Javier Latorre; Flamencos y Mestizos de la SGAE in Madrid and Úbeda; II Festival Flamenco Fusión La Iruela – Jaén; Nuit des Musées de Bâle, Fondation Fernet-Branca, Strasbourg; I Festival Flamenco Cervantes Theatre in London; 49 Festival Flamenco de Zamora; XXI Festival Flamenco del Corcho del Valle Genal de Gaucín and in other important festivals in and out of Spain.


-1st Prize in the modality of Flamenco in the Festival Ciudad de Castellón.

-Finalist in the Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas, disputing the “desplante” with Jesús Carmona in 2012.


His extensive career includes 8 shows of his own: Con Savia Nueva, Templaíto, Vengo con abolengo, III en mi Colmao, A mi aire and ¡Ay! flamenco.

It is worth mentioning the last two works with which he has reaped great success. De Alfa a Omega , premiered at the Romea Theater in 2015, where the bailaora surrounded herself with 11 splendid male figures, such as the bailaores Juan de Juan and Cristian Lozano, the cantaores Vicente Gelo, Miguel Lavi and Sebastián Contreras de los Reyes Bastian, the piano of Alfonso Aroca, the guitarist Luis Medina, the flamenco percussion of Javier Rabadán and the Afro-Cuban percussion of Yosney Linares and the palmeros Samuel Raya and Rafael del Moral.

Bailaora de Postín premiered in 2016 at the Teatro Circo de Murcia. It is a visual account of three great bailaoras, Pastora Imperio, Carmen Amaya and Matilde Coral, with a cuadro behind composed of bailaor El Torombo, guitars of El Perla and Luis Medina and the singing of Miguel Lavi and Sebastián Contreras de Los Reyes, Bastián.

Since 2018, Cynthia has experienced a change in the vision she has of dance and flamenco, although she has by no means abandoned her flamenco spirit and her very racial ways of understanding flamenco. In addition to complementing her dance training with different teachers, she has completed degrees in Journalism and Audiovisual Projects and Entertainment Production.

These facts have allowed him to share with interesting artists from the world of film, theater and music, such as the short film Duende by Manuel Ramos, which has won awards at various film festivals in Europe and in which artists such as actress Rosario Pardo, collaboration in the video clip Lejos de casa, the musician, guitarist and composer, Pedro Medina, etc.. In these years he has centered his place of residence between Seville and Madrid, which has allowed and allows him to work in different tablaos in both cities.

Regarding her professional career as a dancer in other companies, she has worked with Javier Latorre in some projects and as an assistant teacher in the courses he teaches throughout Spain. On the other hand, she continues her work in the Ballet Flamenco de Lo Ferro, but in the last two years she has gone on to co-direct with María Dolores Ros said ballet. And since 2019 in the company of Joaquín Grilo, with whom he currently performs outside Spain. El Grilo is an artist with whom she is very comfortable working, because it is a language very close to how Cynthia understands and feels flamenco.

Since mid 2022, she has been part of Carlos Rodriguez’s company, for whom she feels great appreciation and admiration for his sensitivity and for allowing her to continue growing personally and above all, artistically. She is working on the show Eterno, Homenaje a Pablo Picasso, with the participation of dance figures such as Joaquín de luz, director of the Compañía Nacional de Danza; Sara Calero, dancer and creator of Danza Española, as well as Mayte Bajo and Estela Alonso; Miguel Ángel Berna, creator of a personal style of jota and in flamenco, José Maldonado and the dancer from Malaga La Lupi, for whom Cynthia Cano, besides being part of the company, is her substitute in the second cast.

On the other hand, she is busy, both in research and in the creation of her new project, where she will have the artistic direction of Joaquín Grilo and which will deal with a very current and controversial topic, of which she will soon give news.

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