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Auxi Fernández

Auxi Fernandez is a dancer and actress from Cadiz (Spain), recognized for her ability to improvise and her very passionate flamenco expression. At the age of 5 years old she began her training in the school of Pilar Ogalla. Months later she made her debut on the stage of the Andalusia Theater in Cadiz.

Auxi has studied with leading figures such as Manolo Marín, la Chiqui de Jerez and el Güito, among others, and has been a soloist and guest artist with people like Chick Corea, Jorge Pardo, Simon Shaheen, Tim Ries, Jose Maria Bandera, Tito Losada and Juan Pérez Rodríguez among others. Auxi is able to dance the most rooted and pure flamenco and also to combine it with other music.

In 2005, after three and a half years in the Sara Baras Company, she was invited by the master Chick Corea to record the DVD “The Ultimate Adventure – Live in Barcelona” at the Palau de la Música, touring Spain, USA and Japan. Afterwards, she began studying acting in Madrid at the Juan Carlos Corazza acting studio.

Her show “Flamenco” was nominated in 2014 by the prestigious ACE Awards in New York in the category of “best musical theater production of the year”.

Auxi is a tablao and theater dancer, and has made “Flamenco Footwork Technique”, a series of didactic videos focused on how to footwork correctly in flamenco dance, with different techniques and sequences with rhythm, pursuing the improvement and learning the correct way to practice at home, this work is divided into four levels.

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