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Carlos Velázquez


Carlos began in the world of dance at the age of 5 in Emilita Montensino’s school. Debuts with 8 years in the Alcazar theater in Madrid with the play “Los flamencos somos así” with great dancers. He continued his training at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and at the “Amor De Dios” Dance School with teachers such as “El Güito”, Rafael de Córdoba, Rosa Durán and María Magdalena.


He has worked as a soloist dancer in the companies of José Greco, Carmela Greco, Rafael Aguilar, Camborio and Lucía Del Real, Paco Peña, Tito Losada, Belén López and Ballet Flamenco de Madrid.

He has worked in Moscow, United States, Mexico, England, England, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, China and Taiwan. He has also worked in different theaters in Spain and the capital as the Calderon theater, La Latina theater, Muñoz Seca theater, Arenal theater, etc.. Also in different tablaos in Madrid such as Casa Patas, Corral de la Morería, Cafe de Cainitas, Las Tablas, Villa Rosa, Cardamomo and Las Carboneras.

Carlos is the artistic director of the flamenco tablao cantares, he has been teaching for two years in the municipal school of Parla, and currently works in the flamenco tablao 1911 (former Villa Rosa) and in the tablao la Quimera.

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