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Eleazar Cerreduela

Eleazar Cerreduela


Eleazar was born in Madrid in 1996. His family includes great guitarists such as Aturo Cerreduela (Nani), David Cerreduela and Israel Cerreduela. He has debuted with eighteen years in the best tablaos of Madrid and collaborated in theatrical events very recognized as: “Atemporal” directed by Diego Losada, “Mucho arte” and “Misa flamenca”, directed by Tito Losada.

A great fan of flamenco guitar, he has shared the stage with Lucky Losada, Ivan Losada, Kilino Jimenez Jeronimo Maya, Ingueta Rubio, Saul Quiros and many more. Eleazar reminds us that the gypsy culture endures over time and that it comes from the best root that a fruit can have.

Eleazar Cerreduela
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