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José del Calli


José Plantón Heredia, known as José Del Calli, is an outstanding flamenco singer born on December 20, 1990 in Córdoba, Spain. He comes from a family of renowned flamenco artists, being the son of José Plantón “El Calli”.

From an early age, he began his career in the world of flamenco, participating in the family tablao “La Bulería” in Cordoba. Initially, José was a percussionist but later became one of the most outstanding singers among the young talents of flamenco.

At the age of 23, he won first prize in the “Jóvenes Flamencos” contest of the Cordoba Provincial Council, which allowed him to tour throughout the province and record an album in commemoration of the award. That same year, he also won second prize at the Andalusian level in the “Desencaja jóvenes flamencos” contest, which gave him the opportunity to participate in numerous performances and recitals.

The singer has participated in numerous recording collaborations with renowned artists, including “Fosforito”, “Pansequito”, Montse Cortés and Vicente Amigo, among others. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to perform and learn with renowned artists such as “Farruquito”, “El Pele”, Remedios Amaya, Paco Peña, Pepe Habichuela, Diego Del Morao, among others.

In addition to his achievements, José has performed in renowned flamenco clubs and festivals, such as the Festival Flamenco de los Patios de Córdoba, the Cata de Montilla, the Festival de Zambra and the Botijo de La Rambla, among others. H

In 2015, he joined the show “Dos Cabezas para un Sombrero” by Manuel Moreno Maya, Dorantes and Farruquito, debuting at the Amsterdam Biennial. He has had the privilege of being accompanied by outstanding guitarists such as Pepe Habichuela, Niño Seve, Luis Medina and Diego del Morao. He has sung for renowned bailaores such as Farruquito, Daniel Navarro, Estefanía Cuevas, Richard Gutiérrez, Clara Gutiérrez, Ángel Reyes, Farru and Juan José Villar, among others.

In addition, he was part of the show “Homenaje a Farruco” at the Teatro de la Axerquia in 2015, sharing the stage with the grandchildren of the honoree: Farruquito, Farru and El Carpeta. That same year, he joined the company of the bailaor Álvaro Paños for the production “Romero de Torres”, premiered at the Teatro Góngora in Córdoba and subsequently presented at international festivals such as the Festival Flamenco International de Mont de Marsan.

José del Calli is currently touring Asia with Authentic Flamenco, a show that is part of the Teatro Real, along with Paula Rodríguez. In Madrid he can be seen in the group of artists of Tablao Flamenco 1911 and Cardamomo Flamenco. 

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