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Juan José Villar baila en el Tablao Flamenco 1911

Juan José Villar

A dancer from Cádiz with a great sense of rhythm.

Juan José Villar, born in 1996 in Cádiz. His love of flamenco dancing and percussion runs in his family, as he belongs to the saga of ‘los Villar’.

He began his career at the age of 10 with his first tour of Japan and continued in Spain performing in tablaos such as El Arenal, El Cordobés and Tablao del Carmen, among others.

Juan José Villar, rhythmic dancer.

His passion for flamenco has allowed him to share the stage with the great flamenco dancers such as Farruquito, Pepe Torres, Belén López, Karime Amaya

At the age of 18 he presented his first show ‘Es el momento’, and since then he continues touring around the world.

His career
  • In 2011 she participates in the show ‘Vivencias Flamencas’ by Yolanda de Osuna in the XIV Cordobán Flamenco in the Gran Teatro de Córdoba.
  • In 2012 he shares the stage with Juan Moneo ‘El Torta’ in the VI Festival de la Bulería in Guillena (Seville).
  • In 2015 he presents his first show ‘Es el momento’ at the Central Lechera de Cádiz.
  • In 2016 he was a special guest in the show ‘Improvisao’ by Farruquito at the Quintero Theatre in Seville. This same year he participated in other shows such as ‘Un Olé a Tiempo’ by Enrique el Extremeño, ‘Chicuco’ by Sergio Monroy or ‘Bailaores’ by Manuel Fernández ‘El Carpeta’ and performed in festivals such as ‘Suntap Festival’.
  • In 2017 she starts the Spanish tour ‘La Sirenita entre mares andaluces’ as the main character with Ángeles Toledano, El Torombo and Manuela Ríos, among others… That same year she participates in other shows such as ‘El Drom Flamenco’ and ‘Familia Villar’. She also performed in festivals such as ‘Fiebre Flamenca’.
  • In 2018 she participated in the shows ‘8 Letras 8 Palos’, ‘Flamencos de la Tacita’, ‘Duel Flamenco’ in Spain and abroad.
  • In 2019 she travelled to Tokyo to perform at the Tablao Garlochí. He also made other collaborations in the IV Ciclo La Vida En El Flamenco and in the gala 50 years with Juan Villar.

Cadiz, land of talent

In recent years Juan José has continued to demonstrate his talent around the world with great artists of the flamenco genre.

  • In 2020 he performs as a guest artist in the presentation of the album ‘Mi Destino’ by Javier El Indio.
  • In 2021 he performs as a guest artist in ‘Toma Castaña’ at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cadiz and, among other things, starts the national and international tour ‘Te lo digo Todo y No te Digo Na’ of the singer Rosario Flores.
His awards:
  • 1st National Prize ‘Peña Flamenca de Guillena’, in Seville.
  • 1st National Prize ‘Tablao Las Carboneras’, in Madrid
  • 3rd National Prize ‘Peña La Perla’, in Cádiz.

The extensive career of this young dancer is proof of his virtuosity and his great ability on stage.

Juan José Villar baila en el Tablao Flamenco 1911
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Juan José Villar baila en el Tablao Flamenco 1911
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