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The three secret passages

As they would say in the tales of princesses and princes, legend has it that King Alfonso XIII accessed to the Tablao through the passages that connected the reserved basement of the tablao and the Royal Palace so as not to be seen openly by the people.

If we open the door that gives access to this passageway we can see that there were three galleries, although at present they are completely walled up, except for the Palace, which has a small door through which barely fits a person. Incredible, isn’t it?

Another led to the Plaza de Neptuno where we can find the historic luxury hotels Palace and Ritz and through which we imagine to advance to “the gentlemen” hidden from prying eyes.

The third one, already walled up, we do not know exactly where it goes.

As you can see, there are still many secrets to discover and new anecdotes to create in the Tablao Flamenco 1911, the Cathedral of Flamenco in Madrid.

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