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Karime Amaya

Karime Amaya

La mexicana Karime Amaya, nace en el seno de una familia de artistas donde su tía abuela, Carmen Amaya es la reconocida bailaora, cantante y actriz española. Desde muy pequeña, presenciaba las clases de la escuela familiar y junto con ellos aprendió que el flamenco era su pasión.

Karime Amaya, was born in Mexico in 1985, in a family with a deep flamenco tradition. She is the grandniece of the famous Spanish dancer, singer and actress Carmen Amaya. When she was only nine years old, she made her debut in the company of her parents, the dancer Mercedes Amaya “La Winy” and the guitarist Santiago Aguilar.

She won the Revelation Award at the Festival de Jerez and was the protagonist of the documentary Bajarí, nominated for best documentary at the Gaudí and Goya awards, her figure is one of the most respected inside and outside the world of flamenco.

Karime has participated in several festivals around the world such as: the Mont-de-Marsan Flamenco Art Festival; the Albuquerque International Festival in the United States; the Jerez Flamenco Festival; the Quito Festival; the Monterrey Flamenco Art Festival, among others.

She was a guest artist in the shows “Bailaor” by Antonio Canales, “Frente a Frente” by bailaor Juan de Juan, “Abolengo” by Juan Manuel Fernández “Farruquito” and “Dicen de mi” by Joaquín Cortés. In 2007 he began an extensive tour of Japan and in 2011 he performed a tribute to the members of the Amaya Family with the show “Amaya Linaje”.

In 2012 he premiered his successful show “Desde la Orilla” at the Jerez Festival, and in 2013 he shared the stage with the dancers Pastora Galván and Paloma Fantova in the show “Con Carmen Amaya en la Memoria” a tribute to Carmen Amaya, making performances throughout Europe. In 2014 he presents with Paloma Fantova and Jesús Carmona the show “Cuerpo, mente, alma” at the Teatro Lope de Vega in the Bienal de Sevilla. He participates in the play “Gala Flamenca” with Antonio Canales and “8 códigos” with Carlos Carbonell.

In 2016 He performs in Suma Flamenca with José Maya and Juana de Juan. “Gitanerías” in Mexico; “Casa Patas”, “Las Carboneras”, “Cardamomo” and “El Cordobés” in Spain and “El Flamenco” and “Garlochi” in Japan, are some of the most emblematic tablaos that have witnessed the dancer’s dancing. Currently she continues touring tablaos around the world showing her art and her magnificent dance.

Karime Amaya
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