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Women in flamenco. International Women’s Day.

On 8 March we celebrate International Women’s Day, remembering the efforts of women in flamenco, who have demanded their participation and equality in society.

Since its beginnings in the 19th century, she has played an active role in this art form, more closely linked to the private sphere. Nevertheless, it played a fundamental role in the later development of this expression. In 1911, the first celebrations of this day began in many European countries. Demands were made for the right to vote and to hold public office, the right to work, to vocational training and to non-discrimination at work.

Women have played a fundamental role in Flamenco

Flamenco woman at the tablao

Dance cast on the stage of a singing cafe. Nuevo mundo (Madrid). nº 770 8/10/1908

That same year saw the opening of our tablao, the oldest in the world. At that time, the situation of women in flamenco was complex in each of its disciplines.

Gradually, women have made their way into the professional and public sphere of flamenco, conquering new spaces.

Likewise, we have observed how, during the 20th century, these singers, dancers and guitarists have become the protagonists of their own creations.

Flamenco woman playing the guitar

Sevillian lady playing the guitar. E. Gateau/ J.Laurent. 1878.Ruiz Venacci Archive, NIM 17618. Photo library of the Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain. Ministry of Culture.

However, the journey of women in flamenco does not end here. In recent years, many research studies and publications have been carried out on female flamenco artists, thanks to which we have been able to get to know forgotten performers or learn more about artists who are already on the map. Women like Carmen Amaya whose contribution to dance transcended and travelled around the world.

Flamenco woman. Carmen Amaya

Carmen Amaya. Unknown.

There are many women nowadays who participate in, defend and live through flamenco: promoters, managers, managers, photographers, researchers, dancers, singers, guitarists…. A large number of flamenco women who make their way along these paths so that others can continue along them.


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