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Transmitting flamenco dance.

Transmitir el baile flamenco

Flamenco is an artistic expression that encompasses various disciplines. Its traditional form of learning has been oral transmission. That is why transmitting flamenco dance between generations is a way of learning and preserving it.

The case of dance is the clearest example of this, as we do not have an effective way of writing it down to study it. The figures of flamenco dance have been references for the different generations that have succeeded them.

Transmitting flamenco dance. Antonio Canales.

This dancer from Seville represents a generation of flamenco figures who have passed on their knowledge of the dance.

Transmitir el baile flamenco. Antonio Canales. Tablao Flamenco 1911

Antonio Canales en el Tablao Flamenco 1911. GTRES

He is a master of masters and a point of reference for promising young artists. Antonio comes from a family of artists who passed on their love for this art.

He began his career as a dancer in the National Ballet of Spain before leaving and moving to Paris to join Maguy Marin’s ballet. Antonio Canales is admired for his explosive talent and successful career in various parts of the world. He is one of the most recognised dancers in Spain. His art encompasses the greatness of flamenco dance accompanied by a unique style.


Transmitting flamenco dance. New generations

Flamenco is a cultural legacy and an Intangible Heritage that transcends generations. The transmission of flamenco dance between generations not only preserves our roots, but also enriches and revitalises the tradition. Through teaching and learning, the new generations not only inherit the techniques and art of their predecessors, but also add their own interpretation and passion, thus creating a dynamic and living link with flamenco. Many young artists take their cues from these great flamenco legends in order to create their own legacy.

Transmitir el baile flamenco

This knowledge transfer and expression is fundamental to keep the flame of flamenco alive, ensuring that its essence endures and evolves with the passing of time.

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