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Winner of 6.000€ wanted

Help us find the winner of the contest.

On August 1st, the deadline for participation in the search for a new name for the oldest tablao in the world was opened.

Just 30 minutes after the deadline started, Josephine, a mysterious flamenco art lover submitted her proposal through the contest website with this explanation:

“Tablao Flamenco 1911: It was founded in 1911, so it is a date is very emblematic and gives historical character to its name. Visitors will be able to know only with the name the age of this iconic place. It is not just a name, is to tell the history of flamenco and its trajectory in Madrid, will recognize that it is not just another place of flamenco, but the oldest and most emblematic of the capital. Its history allows us to know that Flamenco past, to understand the present we live and build our future. It is important that the people who visit it or hear of its existence, are linked emotionally and historically with the place, bringing their own identity, and that special magic it possesses. The knowledge of that history, emphasize in the visit to the physical space somehow the mental image created insitu, which makes it possible to remember every detail, creating a memorable souvenir.”

After reviewing thousands of submissions and much hesitation, the contest jury decided to choose Josephine’s entry, which had also been contributed by many other contestants afterwards.

Where is Josephine?

After judging, we have tried to locate the winner to present her with the special prize of 6,000€, but we have not been able to contact her through the means she provided.

If you are her or know her, please contact us.

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