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Iván Losada Junior


Iván Losada Junior, a percussionist born in Madrid and coming from a family of artists, received his first teachings of flamenco percussion from his uncles Luki Losada and Antonio Losada, who are also percussionists, since he was very young.

At the age of 13, Ivan immersed himself in the world of flamenco percussion with his family. His first touring experience was in Italy at the age of 14, accompanying his grandfather Tito Losada. At the same age, Ivan continued his artistic career performing in different tablaos in Spain.

One of the highlights of his career was his participation in the play “Misa Flamenca: Los gitanos cantan a Dios”, directed by his grandfather Tito Losada and other renowned artists. This play was presented in several cities in Spain and around the world, including Monterrey, Santiago, Lima, Quito, Bogota, Tokyo, New York and Rabat, among others. This show is unique in the world, as it combines a flamenco mass with the intervention of a symphony and a classical choir from each country visited by the company of maestro Tito Losada, incorporating the most traditional flamenco palos.

In addition, Iván junior has been part of the shows of his father, the guitarist Iván Losada, such as “La Tarara Sí” and “Bailaoras”. He has also collaborated with the talented Antonio Canales throughout his career. His music has taken him to all the theaters of Madrid and beyond, extending his art from Andalusia to Milan. During his career, he has had the honor of collaborating with great flamenco figures such as Antonio Canales, José Mercé, Diego del Morao, among others.

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